Local Food Farm

Storfjord Hotel is proud of our local heritage. Visit a local fjord farm and learn about how generations has been living of what nature has to offer.

Nonsvik Farm is a charming and authentic fjord farm located close to Storfjord Hotel in fjord village Glomset. 

You will be warmly welcomed by the hosts, a friendly couple still living on the farm with a strong passion for organic and sustainable food. 

The couple provides most of their own food by hunting, fishing and harvesting from the surrounding woods and mountains. Berries, mushrooms, plants and herbs are picked in the garden and nature surrounding the farm and Storfjord Hotel.

Visiting the farm you will get an insight into the exciting story behind the food, how it's procured and processed. And if you love what you see, it's possible to get the recipe home.


The hosts serve tastings based on foods harvested in the immediate area and Storfjord. All food is homemade and prepared with traditional techniques. Together with the servings the couple will tell stories about the way of life at the fjord farm. Their families have been living at the farm for generations and they have amazing stories to tell. It's all about living on what nature hasto offer in the different seasons.


The couple will share their knowledge and you get to learn traditional Norwegian baking:

- Norwegian Flatbread
- Nonsvik Lefse
- Nonsvik Farm's own traditional Lefse recipe
- Traditional Water Kringle

You will be using old recipes in the farm's old bakery with all necessary equipment. After baking you will enjoy your craft in the Old Farm House accompanied by something tasteful and delicious. 


Enjoy an unforgettable dinner experience in the Old Farmhouse at Nonsvik Farm.

The hosts will serve 15-20 servings homemade by the couple living at the farm. They will tell exciting stories and you will have a unique insight in how the different courses is prepared and created. All the way from nature to the plate served at dinner. We promise you a night to remember.


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