Storfjord Hotel is a certified green hotel and a proud member of the “Eco-Lighthouse” organization.

The Norweigan organization is an environmental management system to help raise the global performance and it is the first national organization in Europe to be recognised by the European Commission. 

Sustainability is one of our core values and as a hotel we can contribute beyond the property. We have a great focus on our local community and are regular patrons for small businesses in the area. Every year we are sponsoring local sports teams, organizations and events hosted by our village. The hotel also work closely with neighboring farms which reuse our leftover bread as animal food and local institutions who recycle our candle wax to briquettes.

In addition to our daily routines to reduce waste and be plastic free, we are proud to have our own green house and beehive here at Glomset. Approximately 70% of all crops are pollinated by bees and they contribute to a sustainable ecosystem as well as great biological diversity in our nature. Our Storfjord Honey is often used by our Chefs in soups, sauces and pastries, and you can also find it at the breakfast buffet. If you would like to take the taste of Storfjord home, you can also find jars for sale in our Lobbyshop.