Electric Porsche day trip

For the love of driving. Every corner is a photo opportunity.

In Norway, we’ve accepted that the nature of the landscape and geology will never allow for fast roads, so we’ve built them to be fun and incredibly beautiful instead. Within a day’s outing from any of our hotels, you’ll find drives so scenic they’ve been featured in countless motoring magazines, numerous “best drives in the world’ lists and not to mention some of the biggest blockbuster Hollywood movies.

Norway’s network of winding, perfectly paved roads around mountains and over fabulous fjords creates a driving experience that few countries in the world can rival. With the odd fun ferry crossing thrown in along the way, road-tripping around the fjords is an incredibly pleasurable and satisfying experience. We have to admit, it’s an in-house joke that we think that even our car transfers are worth the trip to Norway.


Porsche daytrip 6200,-

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