Small Town Ålesund is listed as one of the World's most beautiful small ports.

The city of Ålesund is spectacularly located on small islands, where the fjords and mountains meet the ocean. Its eclectic vibe is exiting and offers Art Nouveau architecture, culture, beautiful shops, and local art. Here you will find the most tasteful fish and local food experiences, even the best locally brewed coffee in all of Norway.


Ålesund has a long and interesting history, and is famous for its architectural style. Following a devastating town fire in 1904 the city was rebuilt in Art Nouveau style, giving Ålesund its characteristic and unique look.


You will meet the locals who is known for being very friendly, innovative by thinking outside the box, even a bit stubborn, very proud and typical Norwegian explorers. Small town Ålesund has its very special vibe combining heritage with modern city life. The locals are travelers bringing inspiration and international trends back to the small but innovative community.  The town is known to be significant in shipping and fish trade as well as technology and innovative thinking.


Ålesund and Sunnmøre is a huge inspiration for the creative minded. With its scenic nature and the magical fjord light the area attracts and breed talented artists. In the area you will find many interesting exhibitions and galleries. We recommend a visit to KHÅK Kunstahall, Kunstmuseet KUBE, Rod Bianco Ålesund, Devoldfabrikken, Studio Hugo Opdal Flø and Alnes Opplevelsessenter.

Ålesund Town
30 minutes by car from Storfjord Hotel

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