“Overlooking the breathtaking Storfjorden and Sunnmøre Alps...”
Storfjord Hotel is a secluded luxury hotel situated in Øvre Glomset, 30 km east of Ålesund, on a hillside overlooking the Storfjord and the Sunnmøre Alps.
  • Lafta in the Fjords.

    The Handcrafted workmanship at Storfjord HotelHistory of Lafting (Also called “Cross Logging” with whole pine timber logs).

    Lafta has been a technique of building in Norway for over 1000 years and many properties still stand today after 700 years or more. This Norwegian culture and tradition lives on in the new generation.

    High standards are demanded to materials and craftsmanship and without modern machinery. Every log has been hand chiselled by skilled craftsmen in the same way as their forefathers did in time gone by. The logs are air dried for 2 years (the crack in the timbers are a natural process of this method) and lambs wool is used for insulation.

    This type of building is very environmentally friendly. The inside climate, temperatures and humidity is ideal for people that suffer from allergies or asthma. For the traditional grass roof new technology had to meet with the old and a special insulation for the local climate had to be put into place. During the first two years after construction the timbers shrink and settle, so adjustments must be made using bolts hidden within some walls. Complex allowances then have to be made for this movement when the interior carpentry, electrics and plumbing are installed.

    The beauty of Lafta buildings like Storfjord Hotel is that they are designed to blend in with the natural landscape.

    The company that built the original  phase of Storfjord Hotel, Stokk & Stein AS, have renovated and built many unique Lafta buildings throughout Norway including part of Soria Moria in Oslo. In Iceland they built a new Stave church (constructed according to the same principles as the old Stave churches). This was a thousand year gift from the Norwegian people to the people of Iceland, with King Harald of Norway present for the ceremony.

    We hope the guests of Storfjord Hotel enjoy this unique building with it’s traditions and in the natural environment of Glomset.

  • Wool in the walls

    The rumours are true: there really is wool in the walls at Storfjord Hotel - and there's good reason for that.Your first impression of Storfjord Hotel may be that it has been standing on its wooded hillside for a couple of hundred years. Everyone is surprised to hear that the hotel received its first guests in 2007, and that the buildings are not much older than that. But look closely - and you will see the fine craftsmanship that went into them.

    Each log in the main building was hand-hewn by a master carpenter, every joint chiselled by hand and carefully fitted. Norwegians have been using these techniques to build for more than a thousand years. Even in our climate, some log-built houses have withstood the test of time for 700 years and are still in excellent shape.
    our heritageIt's the same care our ancestors put into building the Viking ships and the stave churches. We're proud of our heritage. By the way, lamb's wool is placed in the gaps between the logs for insulation. So the wool-in-the-walls is just one example of how Storfjord Hotel is exceptional. As a guest you will soon discover our immaculate attention to every detail.

  • A Romantic hotel and more than a host

    Storfjord Hotel is renowned for a quality that is hard to put into words.Naturally, we've made sure your bed has a sumptuous goose-down comforter and that your room is equipped all the amenities you might need - but you might be surprised at the wonderful scent of the handcrafted pine walls. Of course our chef has composed an exceptional menu from the season's best ingredients - but if you are vegetarian or have dietary restrictions, we'll gladly adjust the dishes or prepare something special just for you.a guest in our homeAsk us about the flora and fauna. We will tell you about the birds that nest here and we'll lend you a pair of binoculars.

    Maybe it's high time you pulled your first cod from the crystal clean waters of a Norwegian fjord - local fishermen have told us the best fishing spots, and we'll share them with you.

    Perhaps you've long dreamed of walking on a glacier - we'll gladly provide the guide. Maybe you yearn to experience a birds-eye-view of the Geirangerfjord? We'll book a helicopter to take you and your friends on a flight to this renowned UNESCO World Heritage attraction.

    We're more than hotel managers and staff. To us, you are a guest in our home.

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