“This is the place for celebrations and that special occasion.”
Perhaps for just the two of you. Perched on a wooded hillside overlooking the fjord, Storfjord Hotel looks more like something out of a Norwegian fairytale than a hotel. This is the place for celebrations and that special occasion.
  • Celebrations

    Storfjord Hotel is a magical place for a honeymoon. From your private balcony, we invite you to savour forest scents on the morning breeze, catch the play of light on the fjord through a cloud-break after a rain shower.Explore the woods. Wander hand in hand helping each other over a creek or up a steep hill, along paths where you’re more likely to meet a deer than another person. Was that the percussion of a woodpecker – did you catch a fleeting glimpse of the red-hooded bird? The most treasured moments are shared joys, when you’re fully turned towards each other.
    We’ve also have the pleasure of celebrating weddings here, and will gladly tell you more and help you plan all the important details.
    BirthdaysFor that special birthday, silver wedding anniversary, a celebratory gathering of family and relatives from different countries and continents, or a get-together of friends who’ve stayed in contact through the years, Storfjord Hotel is the exceptional venue.

    We offer three rooms for banquets and private meals, accommodating up to 20, 30 and 61 guests respectively. They all enjoy wonderful views, and adjoining them are rooms and areas for conversation and mingling, both inside and outside.
    Special celebrationsAsk us about our special celebration menus. Or plan one with our chefs, they can tell you what is in season and at its best.
    If you wish to consider renting the entire hotel for a very special celebration, please talk to us well in advance.
    By the way, we can offer transport by helicopter or boat, from the town of Ålesund or Ålesund Vigra Airport. Let the adventure start before you get here!

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