“Great things can happen when you’re free of distractions.”
You see what really matters, things fall into perspective, and you can chart the best course for the future. That is why choosing the right venue is so important.
  • Conference

    Your choice of venue speaks of the respect you have for your colleagues and strategic partners, and reflects on the value of your own business. In the autumn of 2012, Storfjord Hotel added a brand-new conference facility that has everything you could possibly desire: modern AV equipment, good ambience, a sumptuous view, and plenty of room inside and outside for mingling and undisturbed conversation. For your convenience, when you do require contact with the outside world, there’s Wi-Fi throughout the hotel.

    Our largest conference room accommodates 48 people, while each of our two meeting rooms comfortably seat 16 people. We offer private dining in two rooms that accommodate 20 and 30 people; in addition our conference room doubles as a stately banqueting hall.
    Most important, Storfjord Hotel offers you the tranquillity that is perfect for your next board meeting, preparing your management team for the next stage of your company’s expansion, or for discussing joint opportunities with a key business partner.

    Sometimes shared experiences are just as important as words. Together with the experts at 62˚Nord, our staff can tailor incredible excursions or an appropriately challenging activities programme for you.

    Welcome to a stay that is sure to prove rewarding. In every way.

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