Bespoke Luxury Travel

We specialize in making dreams come true.

As your travel team we are proud to offer unique family owned hotels for our guests. Focusing on our heritage you will find tranquility and comfort in the most beautiful surroundings.

Ålesund and Sunnmøre is among the foremost destinations in the world for those seeking outdoor adventures. As guest at one of our hotels we willl bring you to spectacular places close to nature.

Storfjord Hotel is a part of 62°Nord. 62°Nord offers bespoke travel in Fjord Norway.

We provide seamless service so everyone can relax and immerse themselves in the moment. Bespoke travel are private and reflect the highest level of craftsmanship and personal service, designed to take you to places you wouldn’t find on your own.

Specialized in fjord Norway we will take you exploring to enjoy experiences tailored to meet your every need, and make your dream vacation come true.

The perfect trip might be as simple as spending quality time with those you love, to taste authentic food at a local farm, sleep comfortably in your bed with views towards the mountains and the fjord, engage with people you will remember forever, or hike a mountain with a view that will blow your mind.

As your bespoke travel team, we create good memories - images you will never forget and experiences you will remember forever.

You will long to return.

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